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Banking funds back in the limelight for March
April 19, 2011

We bring you an update on FEFI performance as well as the best and worst performing funds on

Author : iFAST Research Team

Banking funds back in the limelight for March


The losing trend of January and February was reversed in March with FEFI gaining 7.9%. FEFI began March at 1913 points and closed the month at 2006 gaining 147 points in the month. However, on a Year to Date (YTD) basis FEFI has still shown negative performance and has lost 7.50%. The month’s closing value is the month’s high value. The month’s low value was reached on 18th March.

As seen in chart 1, FEFI has outperformed the BSE SENSEX in the first half of the quarter i.e. between January and March. However, SENSEX has taken the lead after the middle of February. In March, FEFI has given a positive return of 7.90% while SENSEX has given better performance of 9.10% and on YTD basis, FEFI has given a negative return of 7.50% in comparison to -5.19% returns from SENSEX. 


All the equity indices on Bombay Stock Exchange unlike January and February have given positive performance in March. The BSE Small Cap Index is the index that has gained the least while the BSE Real Estate Index has gained the most at 17.93% on a month on month basis. The SENSEX and NIFTY have gained 9.10% and 9.38% respectively.

Chart 1: Comparative performance of FEFI with SENSEX since 31 December 2010

Source: iFAST Compilations

Even broad based indices like BSE 100, BSE 200, BSE 500, CNX 100 and CNX 500 gave positive returns in the range of 8.57% and 9.16%. The BSE Midcap and Small Cap indices continued their below par performance in comparison to that of SENSEX. The BSE Midcap Index gained by 7.85% and BSE Small cap Index gained by 4.59% in March.

Table 1: FEFI Index levels

FEFI Year-to-date (%) Month-to-date (%)
31 December 2010 2168.51 - -
31 January 2011 1956.11 -9.79 -9.79
28 February 2011 1859.09 -14.27 -4.96
31 March 2011 2005.88 -7.50 7.90


Banking funds are the top performers for the equity segment in the month of March. Banking funds were also the top performers in the month of September and July 2010. The banking stocks rose as the government tabled the banking sector amendment bill in the parliament on 22 March 2011. The key provisions in the bill are:

  • Raise the voting rights of nationalised bank shareholders to 10% from the existing 1%

  • In private sector banks, the voting rights would be on par with investors’ shareholding.

Both these provisions in the bill increase the attractiveness of both public and private sector banking stocks.
The top performing banking funds from September 2010 are also the top performing banking funds for March. However, the ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services fund was the best performing fund in September 2010, while Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities fund is the best performing fund in March 2010

. Table 2: Top 5 equity funds on our platform in March 2011

  Category MTD YTD
Sundaram-Select Thematic Funds-Fin Serv Oppor(G) Banking 12.38% -1.15%
ICICI Pru Banking & Fin Serv-Ret(G) Banking 12.31% -1.03%
UTI Transportation & Logistics(G) Speciality 12.25% -8.58%
UTI Banking Sector(G) Banking 11.57% -0.51%
Reliance Banking(G) Banking 10.70% -0.93%


Global funds were the top performing funds in February and have taken a U turn in March. All the five slots in the list have been taken by the global funds. The tsunami in Japan has affected the Japanese market and the global developed markets negatively.
DWS Global Thematic Offshore fund is the bottom performing fund. Close to 38% of the offshore fund (DWS Invest Global Thematic fund) is invested into US and Japan.

Table 3: Bottom 5 Equity funds on our platform in March 2011

  Category MTD YTD
DWS Global Agribusiness Offshore(G) Global -1.30% 4.39%
Fidelity Global Real Assets Fund (G) Global -1.76% 5.07%
Birla SL CEF-Global Multi Commo-Ret(G) Global -2.41% 2.02%
ING Global Real Estate-Reg(G) Global -3.12% 1.89%
DWS Global Thematic Offshore(G) Global -3.43% 0.93%

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