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FMCG, Media and MNC Funds rule the roost in June
July 8, 2010

The FEFI June 2010 Update

Author : iFAST Research Team

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Markets end June  in green

The SENSEX and NIFTY closed June with gains of 4.46% and 4.45% respectively. Most of the broad indices including the midcap indices gave returns in the range of 4.22% to 4.60% for June. However, the BSE Small cap Index gave returns of 6.13% in June. 


FEFI began  June  at 1815.96 points and closed June gaining 89.3 points (4.82%) on a month-on-month basis to 1939.64 points. FEFI showed an upward trend for June except for a few days around 9 June 2010, where the index fell to 1828 points before recovering and closing at the month’s high  of 1939.67 points. Considering the performance of the market indices and FEFI, we think that the equity fund managers have done a good job in managing the equity funds in June.

Chart 1: FEFI Performance for 2010

Table 1: FEFI Index levels


Year-to-date (%)

Month-to-date (%)

31 December 2009 1831.56 - -
31 January 2010 1763.09 - -3.7%
28 February 2010 1745.48 -4.7% -1.0%
31 March 2010 1868.57 2.02% 7.05%
30 April 2010 1916.83 2.58% 4.66%
31 May 2010 1850.36 1.03% -3.47%
30 June 2010 1939.67 5.90% 4.83%

Table 2: Top 5 Equity funds on our platform in June


MTD Returns

YTD Returns

UTI MNC FUND- GROWTH Specialty 8.28% 14.36%
BSL MNC FUND- GROWTH Specialty 7.94% 21.14%

Funds focussing on FMCG, Media and MNC companies have performed extremely well in June.  The BSE FMCG Index rose by 8.38%, consequently the ICICI Prudential FMCG Fund performed extremely well in comparison to the FMCG Index. The FMCG sector was a good performer in June primarily on expectations of good monsoons and the expected increase in the income of rural India that follows a good monsoon.

India has only two funds focusing on the Media and Entertainment sector. Both of these funds were in the top performers list as media sector stocks rallied after the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recommended that the foreign investment limit for broadcast carriage services such as Direct To Home (DTH), IPTV, Mobile TV, and Multi System Operators (MSOs) may be raised to 74% from the current 49% and for FM radio companies from 20% to 26%.

The funds that focus on investing in MNC companies have also performed very well thanks to the rally in a few MNC companies stocks based on expectations in the market that these MNC companies will soon delist to comply with the new listing norms of the government. The new listing norms make it compulsory for listed companies to float at least 25% of their shareholdings. Most MNCs aren’t willing to part with 25% of the shareholding as it leads to dilution of the control being held by the MNCs’ parent companies. As a response to the expectations in the market already , the Board of Directors of 3 MNCs have approved  delisting from the stock exchanges.

Table 3: Bottom 5 Equity funds on our platform in June

Overseas funds in general and overseas commodity stock funds in particular have performed poorly in June as the commodity stock prices fell on renewed fears of sustainability of China’s  growth. The conference board revised the value downwards for leading indicator of China for the month of April from 1.7% to 0.3% resulting in these fears.  The deterioration in U.S. consumer  confidence along with China fears have led to concerns regarding the strength of the global economic recovery. The appreciation in Rupee by 0.18% could not stop the decline in performance of the overseas commodity stock funds.

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