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Fund Manager Insight : Vinit Sambre, Fund Manager, DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund
April 28, 2015

Vinit Sambre answers our questions on DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund.

Author : iFAST Research Team

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"DSP BlackRock Micro Cap fund, one of the best performing mid & small cap funds on our platform sticks to its mandate of being a pure micro cap fund. We had a discussion with the Fund Manager, Vinit Sambre to know the strategy and the challenges that he faces while managing a micro cap fund."


Vinit Sambre

Vinit Sambre, Fund Manager - DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund

Q. As per the Investment Strategy of DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund, "The Investment Manager will use a disciplined quantitative analysis of financial operating statistics". Can you elaborate on this statement?

A. We use a bottom-up stock selection while managing the Micro Cap Fund. We pick companies which have high quality management, decent cash flows, strong ROCE, and companies having competitive advantage. We follow a buy and hold strategy. We also look at some cyclical businesses which are at the cusp of turnaround where ROCEs are slated to move up in the forseeable future.

Q. How will you differentiate a micro cap fund from a mid & small cap fund? What are the filters that you will use while selecting microcap stocks?

A. The mandate of the Micro Cap Fund is to invest minimum 65% of the assets in companies which are not part of the top 300 companies by market capitalization. Whereas, the mandate of Small & Mid Cap Fund is to invest minimum 65% of the assets in companies, which are not part of top 100 stocks by market capitalization.

As mentioned earlier the focus of Micro Cap is to identify strong businesses which we believe has the potential to outperform over the medium to long term. We focus on management quality, ROCE, cash flows etc. Also it is very important to eliminate ideas which do not meet some of these requirements.

Q. What are the challenges that you face while managing a micro cap fund?

A. Since many companies within this category is not well researched and well covered the information availability is poor. Hence our skill set of identifying the stock and understanding of the management becomes very important. Secondly the stocks are generally bought with long term horizon as low liquidity restricts regular churn. Hence we carry out detailed due diligence to mitigate these risks

Q. Going forward, which are the most favorable sectors that will add value to this fund?

A. The focus is really on individual stocks selection. Within a sector there can be big diversion in performance between different stocks. Hence the success depends upon the ability to identify the winners within each sector. Having said that we are positive on Consumer Discretionary, Healthcare, Financials and Industrials sectors with a long term horizon.

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