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Register your account along with flexi SIP in less than 15 minutes
November 21, 2013

Author : iFAST Content Team

Flexi SIP
Flexi SIP
What it is

The most convenient way to invest.
Flexi SIP combines the discipline of regular investing with ample flexibility to make changes, should the need arise.

How it works

Register for your fundsupermart account. After registration follow the steps given below:

1. Click on Transactions tab
2. Click on Flexi SIP >>Create Flexi ECS Offline
3. Login using your ID
4. Follow the Flexi SIP setup instructions.

create Flexi SIP

You have to give us a maximum ECS mandate for bank debits. With that as a cap, you can invest however much you want up to that limit; decrease or increase the monthly amount; switch between funds and add funds. All this at no extra documentation.

How this will help

Combine the discipline of a systematic investment plan (SIP) without its constraints

You can increase your SIP amount, lower it or pause your SIP

Alter your monthly investment amount, and the number and types of funds you invest in, to suit your affordability and convenience

Get amazing control over your investments

New Investors

Open your a/c now

Already Registered

Register offline Flexi

Confirmed a/c holder

Register your Flexi SIP

* Please keep your pancard and bank details handy while filling the registration form.

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