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Capture High Yields - Invest In FMPs
July 26, 2013

Good time to invest in FMPs

Author : iFAST Research Team

Fundsuper Mart : FMPs Capture High Yields


Last week, when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) came out with measures to manage exchange rate volatility, we released a brief note recommending Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs) of 1-year time horizon to investors who did not want to take any risk. Those open to some volatility were advised exposure into short-term debt funds or dynamic bond funds.

In addition to the measures taken last week, the central bank came out with additional measures on July 23, 2013, aimed at containing the volatility in the foreign exchange market. This means that the liquidity situation will become tight which, in turn, implies that banks will borrow from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) at higher rates, further translating into an increase in short-term rates. In this scenario, FMPs are an attractive option to investors with a time horizon of 3 months to 1 year.


  Taxation    Returns

For a moment, let us assume that a 1 year FMP generates the same return as a 1 year FD. In that case, the post-tax yields delivered by both these instruments are outlined below.

Particulars FD FMP
Amount Invested 50,000 50,000
Rate of Interest / Yield 9.00%* 9.00%
Tax Rate 30% 10%
Post Tax Yield 6.30% 8.10%
Post Tax Return 3150 4050
Amount on Maturity 53150 54050

Source: iFAST Compilation


A study of the recently closed FMPs reveals that a portfolio of these funds is mostly concentrated in the CD and CP space.

Consider a Hypothetical case: If I was a Fund Manager and bought the following instruments then the yield from these will be as given below.

Debt Instruments Current Yield on Papers(%)
3 Months CDs 10.79
12 Months CDs 10.26
3 Months CPs 11.13
12 Months CPs 10.88

Souece:iFAST Compilation. Data Compiled as on July 25, 2013


 Benefits of FMPs     Conclusion

FMPs are generally used by large investors and companies as an alternative to Fixed Deposits (FDs). This is due to the added advantage of tax efficiency and better return prospect.



A combination of the above mentioned factors makes FMPs our recommendation to investors as an alternative to FDs.This will ensure that the investors capture high yields in the current scenario.

*9.00 % is the current rate on an FD from Karnataka Bank for tenure of 1Year.    


Certificate of Deposits are financial instruments issued by bank to meet short-term requirements.

Commercial Papers are instruments issued by Corporates to meet their working capital requirements and other short-term needs.



To invest in FMPs Click Here


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