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Sector Star Ratings

Star Ratings For The Various Markets

Funds investing into these markets may not be available on our platform as yet but we hope that investors can review these star ratings to understand better our views on the various markets that our Research team covers.

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Star Ratings Methodology

At the end of each quarter, we review our calls on the various regional and single-country equity markets under our coverage to assess each market's attractiveness as an investment proposition both on a standalone basis, as well as with respect to other markets. In our quarterly star rating exercise, we look at key valuation metrics like PE and PB ratios, expected earnings growth, as well as excess earnings yield to determine how attractive a particular market is. In addition, we consider the economic outlook utilising both consensus forecasts, as well as our own assessment of longer-term economic prospects. Our methodology incorporates both top-down and bottom-up forecasts, and qualitative adjustments where necessary to achieve reasonable estimates of target upside for each market under our coverage over a 3-year horizon.

As of 05 Jan 2018 and until further review, our ratings for the various equity markets are as follows:

Regional Star Ratings

Asia ex-Japan -  
Europe -  
GEMs -  
Japan -  
US -  

Single Asian Country/Market Star Ratings

Brazil -  
China -  
Hong Kong -  
India -  
Indonesia -  
Malaysia -  
Russia -  
Singapore -  
South Korea -  
Taiwan -  
Thailand -