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Recommended Funds  Fund Class
Performance (Annualised)
1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years
BSL FRONTLINE EQUITY FUND- GROWTH  Large Cap  -9.91 18.42 13.8 12.34
AXIS EQUITY FUND- GROWTH  Large Cap  -9.96 15.47 12.7 11.7
CANARA ROBECO EQUITY DIVERSIFIED- GROWTH  Large Cap  -12.27 14.03 9.62 9.93
RELIANCE TOP 200 FUND- GROWTH  Large Cap  -11.81 20.81 13.74 11.73
Please note that while we hope that these recommendations would be useful for investors, you are also advised to look at the fund's scheme information document/ statement of additional information and do your own further research before making your investment decisions.


Our Analysis:
The fund aims to be as diversified across industries/sectors as its benchmark index that is S&P BSE 200. The mandate is to invest into frontline stocks which according to the Fund Manager are stocks which provide superior growth opportunities. Over a period of 1 year (December 2013 to November 2014), the funds corpus has been mostly allocated into large cap stocks with an average allocation of 91%. As on November 2014, the fund held 73 stocks, out of which 27 have been a part of the portfolio for 36 months. Among these, ICICI Bank and ITC have been among the top 5 holdings during our entire period of analysis.

Fund Manager Comments:
Birla Sun Life Frontline E F - Plan A: has an investment strategy wherein it endeavors to optimize diversification by having sectoral weightage in line with the S&P BSE200index.The scheme is managed using 3 key principles:

1. Discipline-The scheme targets to maintain sector exposure within +/-25% or absolute+/-3% whichever is higher, of these sectoral weight in the benchmark index i.e. S&P BSE200, in order to maintain diversification and avoid excessive concentration in a single sector.

2. Bottom up stock picking is the key to generating alpha. The Fund Manager carries out extensive research to select companies mainly on its individual merits that offer higher growth potential.

3. Profit booking at opportune moments, particularly for midcaps where we have rotated exposure with in sectors from expensive stocks to cheaper stocks. This is a diversified scheme with a bias for large cap stocks but not exclusively focused on them. We intend to take advantage of select mid cap opportunities from time to time.

Fund Details (As on November 2014)

Inception: 30 August, 2002

AUM : Rs. 7711 Crore

Fund Manager: Mahesh Patil

Exit Load : 1.00% on or before 1 year, NIL after 1 year



Our Analysis:
The funds mandate is to invest into 20 large cap stocks and the universe of stock selection is top 200 stocks in terms of market capitalization on the NSE. However, as the AUM of the fund crosses INR 1000 crore, the fund manager has the freedom to take an exposure into more than 20 stocks. As far as the market capitalization trends are concerned, the fund is basically concentrated into large caps with an average allocation of 94% during December 2013 to November 2014. The fund as on November 2014 has 50 stocks and only 8 of them have been held for the entire period of analysis. The 8 consistent holdings in the portfolio included names like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Infosys, ITC, Reliance Industries, Bharti Airtel, Hindustan Zinc and Grasim Industries. Since January 2012, HDFC Bank has been among the top 5 stocks with its allocation in the portfolio increasing from 1.44% in December 2011 to 7.29% by December 2014.

Fund Manager Comments:
The Scheme has adopted a "buy and hold" approach. The Scheme aims to identify companies that offer reasonable potential for long-term growth.
-It intends to take aggressive position in high conviction stocks with an aim to generate alpha.
-The focus is more on stock selection than sector selection. The stock selection follows the bottom-up approach. The Schemes benchmark hugging approach ensures that the portfolio is well diversified across sectors.

Currently large caps are trading at discount to midcaps and provide an attractive opportunity for long term investors to consider Focused Bluechip Equity Fund.

Fund Details (As on November 2014)

Inception: 23 May, 2008

AUM : Rs. 8425 Crore

Fund Manager: Manish Gunwani

Exit Load : 1.00% on or before 1 year ,NIL after 1 year



Our Analysis:
The fund follows an active management strategy and the portfolio consists of strong growth companies with sustainable business models. As per the internal mandate of the fund, it is expected to maintain a minimum allocation of 70% of the corpus into large cap stocks. As such, the fund on an average has been holding 76% into large caps and 17% into mid-caps during the 1 year analysis period (December 2013 to November 2014). There have been ten stocks which have been consistently held for the 36 months under analysis. Among these 10 stocks, HDFC Bank has been among the top 5 holdings with an average allocation of 6.73%. During the last 7 months of analysis (May 2014 to November 2014), the following 5 stocks were the top holdings of this fund: Infosys, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank and Larsen & Toubro.

Fund Manager Comments:
- The fund is large cap biased (70-100%) with midcap allocations of (0-30%). It makes allocation to attractive mid cap ideas on a bottom up basis
- It selects stocks based on their ability to grow earnings on a sustainable basis from a medium term perspective while maintaining a highly liquid and risk managed portfolio.
- While the portfolio has been largely stable in the last few months, we continue to make adjustments as needed as it looks at the evolving cycle and prospects for corporate earnings. In the previous month, the fund increased allocation to consumers while reducing allocation to commodities sector.
- Within the overall sector and market cap limits, the fund has a higher allocation (relative to its history) to quality stocks in the cyclical and midcap space in order to benefit from the expected improvement in the economy over the next 2-3 years.

Fund Details (as on November 2014)

Inception:05 January, 2010

AUM :Rs. 1408 Crore

Fund Manager: Pankaj Murarka

Exit Load : 1.00% on or before 1 Year, NIL after 1 Year



Our Analysis:
The fund follows a bottom-up approach while selecting stocks. Here the focus will be on companies with a strong competitive position in good businesses and having quality management. The market capitalization trend shows that during the 1 year period of analysis (December 2013 to November 2014), the average allocation into large caps and mid caps was to the tune of 81% and 15% respectively. The fund held 57 stocks in November 2014, out of which only 14 have been a part of the portfolio during the 3 years of analysis. This is a clear indication that the fund is actively managed. Among the 14 stocks, some of the prominent holdings include names like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries, Infosys, Larsen & Toubro, etc.

Fund Manager Comments:
Canara Robeco Equity Diversified focuses on growth oriented businesses which are expected to deliver capital appreciation over the medium to long term. The scheme predominately invests in large cap companies while taking small exposure to promising mid-cap companies. Through allocation to diverse sectors, the fund tries to mitigate concentration risk. It follows a blend of growth and value style of investing.

Going forward we intend to increase our mid cap allocation in order to capture any attractive investment opportunities in the mid-cap space. We have a positive outlook on Consumer Discretionary sectors like auto, auto ancillary, food & beverages, textile etc. With the revival of economy, we expect consumer spending will increase which in turn will give a boost to these sectors

Fund Details (As on November 2014)

Inception: 16 September, 2003

AUM : Rs. 799 Crore

Fund Manager: Ravi Gopalakrishnan

Exit Load : 1.00% on or before 1 year ,NIL after 1 year



Our Analysis:
The fund aims to invest into companies whose market capitalization is within the range of highest and lowest market capitalization of the S&P BSE 200 Index. Initially in December 2013, the fund had 78% of the corpus concentrated in large caps, while the remaining 20% was allocated among the midcap stocks. However, by November 2014, the allocation into large caps and mid-caps was to the tune of 91% and 6% respectively. The stock count of the fund as of November 2014 stood at 42, out of which 11 have been held continuously during the 3 years under analysis. It is interesting to note here that Infosys which had been among the top 5 stocks during December 2011 to October 2014 did not make it to this list in November 2014. HDFC Bank is the largest holding of the fund in November 2014 with an allocation of 7.20%.

Fund Manager Comments:
Diversified portfolio with investments in market leaders and tactical exposure to midcaps offer wealth creation in the long term
- The fund endeavors to invest predominantly in top 100 companies by market cap (70%) and the balance in quality mid cap companies.
- Aims to generates alpha through active sector calls & stock selection
- Investment Universe: Top 200 companies by Market Capitalization

Current Strategy
- Focus on India revival themes like Consumer Discretionary (Auto, Media, and Hospitality) Industrials (product Engineering companies) and Financials.
- Investments in global beneficiary theme like IT, Pharma etc.

Fund Details (As on November 2014)

Inception: 09 August, 2007

AUM : Rs. 1064 Crore

Fund Manager: Ashwani Kumar & Sailesh Raj Bhan

Exit Load : 1.00% on or before 1 year ,NIL after 1 year


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