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Planning Calculators
Planning Calculators

This section offers interactive calculators that help you plan your budget, calculate returns, and even meet your wealth building targets.

Budget Analyzer

Plan your budget, know exactly how much you have left for yourself every month after paying for your house loans, car loans, bank loans, mortgage loans, wife's shopping, kid's tuition, dog's vet charges, etc.

Forward Compounder

How much would your investments be worth in 30 years if they earn 10% every year? Perform this and other compounding functions here.

Backwards Compounder

OK, so your mutual fund has returned a total of 230% after 10 years. But what is the average annual return? Use the backwards compounder to find out.

Mutual Funds Returns Calculator

To find out how much your investments have made in percentage terms, use our Returns Calculator. This comes with daily updated NAVs!

How To Become a Crorepati

Let's get aspirational here. What would it take for you to amass a crore?