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Model Portfolios - Domestic

Model Portfolios - Domestic

These are our 5 recommended portfolios.These portfolio recommendations are meant to serve as possible guidelines and do not take into account the financial situation, time horizon, existing portfolio and risk profile of an individual investor. It is the investor's responsibility and discretion to decide if these funds are suitable for him or her. Please consider seeking professional advice before taking any investment action. The initial portfolios were started on 01 April 2021, with Rs. 1,00,000. The Fundsupermart Research team will be actively managing these portfolios through periodic re-balancing and through the changing of the component funds if necessary. You can receive alerts via email when we rebalance the portfolios.
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This portfolio is for full-fledged risk takers who can tolerate periodic and sharp downsides. Those with a long investment horizon should also consider investing.

This portfolio was started on April 1st 2021.

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