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To seek to generate long-term capital growth from an actively managed portfolio of predominantly equity and equity related instruments. The Scheme portfolio would acquire, inter alia, small and medium size businesses with good long term potential, which are available at cheap valuations. Such securities would be identified through disciplined fundamental research keeping in view medium to longterm trends in the business environment. The Scheme shall endeavor to accumulate long-term investor wealth by opening subscriptions to units during periods when stocks are available at reasonable valuations. By doing so, the fund managers would endeavour to prevent short-term money from flowing into the fund which can prove detrimental to the interests of long-term investors. As the Scheme would be sold to investors with a long-term investment horizon, it is also expected that the portfolio would remain relatively more insulated to day to day redemption pressures. The Scheme will close subscription, once it has collected a predetermined "manageable" corpus (approximate amount), which will be decided by the fund manager of the Scheme depending on the available investment opportunities in the stock market / if the fund manager is of the opinion that investment opportunities have diminished. Thus the fund manager will endeavour to ensure that there are sufficient assets available to meet the long-term objectives of the Scheme.

Fund Category Equity
Fund Class Multi Cap
Fund Type Open-Ended
Options Growth
Launch Date September 28, 0005
Launch Price Rs. 10.00
Latest NAV Price (Click here for price history) Rs. 112.39 (May 14, 2021)
Fundsupermart Risk Rating 6-Moderately High Risk

Minimum Initial Investment Rs. 10,000 / -
Minimum Subsequent Investment Rs. 1,000 / -
Minimum Redemption Amount Rs. 500
Minimum Holding Period -
Transaction Time for Redemption 1:50 PM
Entry Load NIL
Exit Load ¿ If redeemed/switched out within 365 days from the date of allotment: Upto 10% of investment: Nil, For remaining investment: 1% of applicable NAV. ¿ If redeemed / switched out after 365 days from date of allotment: Nil.
Period 1 wk 1 mth 3 mth 6 mth 1 yr 3 yr 5 yr since inception
NAV Returns (%) - INR -0.58 1.8 -0.6 17.0 51.7 5.8 9.5 -
Performance figures (as of May 14, 2021)

The performance figures in the table above are calculated using NAV prices, assuming growth option. Performance figures of over 1 year are annualised.(Eg. A 33.1% gain in 3 years works out to a 10% gain per year when annualised.)

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Calendar Year 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
IDFC MULTI CAP FUND- GROWTH (%) 7.58 -8.75 38.04 -2.7 8.29

The performance figures in the table above are calculated using NAV, assuming Growth option. Performance figures of over 1 year are annualised.(Eg. A 33.1% gain in 3 years works out to a 10% gain per year when annualised.)

3 yr Annualised Volatility 17.74
3 yr Sharpe ratio 0.07
The above figures (as of May 14, 2021)

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  1. Unit price is the NAV price, sales charges are not included.
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  4. Fund's performance refers to the performance of the growth option of this scheme.